The Council on Geostrategy launches its ‘Indo-Pacific Project’

On Wednesday 13th December, the Council on Geostrategy launched its ‘Indo-Pacific Project’. This exciting new research project will explore how the United Kingdom can turn its ‘tilt’ to the Indo-Pacific region into a permanent ‘pillar’ of its international policy.

The Indo-Pacific Project’s first publication is a Primer entitled ‘Slicing away at the status quo: Beijing’s cross-strait strategy’ by Gray Sergeant. The Primer analyses how Beijing’s strategy across the Taiwan Strait has evolved since the summer of 2022.

Over the course of the next year, this new research project will produce an array of policy papers and articles to explore what British interests are at stake and how they can be secured in an era of systemic competition.

The Indo-Pacific-Project will be led by Gray Sergeant, Research Fellow at the Council on Geostrategy. To find out more about the Indo-Pacific Project, its research and its experts, click here.