Geostrategy360° is the Council on Geostrategy’s fortnightly podcast, where we discuss contemporary geopolitical and environmental issues with politicians, government and military officials, diplomats, businesspeople, journalists and experts. Each podcast is approximately 15 minutes in length.

21 February 2022

E29: Our Oceans with EU Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevicius

In Episode 29, Viktorija speaks to the EU Commissioner for the Environment, Oceans and Fisheries about enhancing the environmental security of Europe's oceans
17 February 2022

E28: British-Ukrainian relations with Sir Michael Fallon

In Episode 28, Viktorija speaks with The Rt Hon Sir Michael Fallon about British-Ukrainian relations and the current Russian-created crisis on Ukraine's border
4 February 2022

E27: Watching China with Charles Parton OBE

In Episode 27, Viktorija speaks with Charles Parton OBE about his recent Explainer on watching China as well as the Beijing Winter Olympics
11 March 2022

E26: NATO in 2022 with Assistant Secretary General Jeglinskas

In Episode 26, Viktorija speaks with Giedrimas Jeglinskas, NATO's Assistant Secretary General, about what 2022 might bring for the Alliance
11 March 2022

E25: Soft Power with The Rt. Hon. John Whittingdale MP

In Episode 25, Viktorija speaks with The Rt. Hon. John Whittingdale MP about the importance of Britain's soft power to its foreign policy goals
7 February 2022

E24: Looking ahead at 2022 with Lord Risby

In Episode 24, Viktorija speaks with Lord Risby, our Advisory Council Chairman, about what geopolitical flashpoints 2022 may bring
11 March 2022

E23: Beijing Olympic boycott with Matthew Henderson

In Episode 23, Viktorija speaks with Matthew Henderson about the Beijing Winter Olympics and why some countries are boycotting them
7 February 2022

E22: Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges discusses the Black Sea region

In Episode 22, Viktorija speaks with Lt. Gen. (rtd.) Ben Hodges about Russia's interest in Ukraine and deterring future aggression
7 February 2022

E21: The Black Sea region: Beyond NATO

In Episode 21, Viktorija speaks with two of the authors of our most recent Policy Paper, Dr. Alexander Lanoszka and James Rogers
22 February 2022

E20: Critical Minerals with Alexander Stafford MP and Will Young

In Episode 20, Viktorija talks with Alexander Stafford MP and William Young about Britain's upcoming critical minerals strategy