James Rogers

James Rogers is Co-Founder and Director of Research at the Council on Geostrategy, where he specialises in geopolitics and British strategic policy. He is also Editor of Britain’s World, the Council on Geostrategy’s online magazine. Previously, he held positions at the Henry Jackson Society, the Baltic Defence College, RAND Europe, and the European Union Institute for Security Studies.

His commentary has been carried in the global media and he has been invited to give oral evidence at the Foreign Affairs, Defence, and International Development committees in the Houses of Parliament. His research has been cited and endorsed by the serving British prime minister, and he has worked on research projects for the British and French ministries of defence. He holds an MPhil in Contemporary European Studies from the University of Cambridge and an award-winning BSc Econ (Hons) in International Politics and Strategic Studies from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

15 November 2021

The geopolitical consequences of Afghanistan

James Rogers argues that Britain will remain beholden to America unless it is willing to redevelop its ability to lead new coalitions
8 December 2021

James Rogers speaks to GB News about Afghanistan withdrawal

Our Director of Research speaks on the GB News Breakfast Show about the United States' withdrawal from Afghanistan
14 November 2021

Britain: Eastern Europe’s new guarantor?

Prof. Richard Whitman and James Rogers argue that the United Kingdom is increasingly important to Eastern Europe in the twenty-first century
8 December 2021

James Rogers discusses foreign aid on GB News

Our Director of Research appears on GB News to discuss the UK's foreign aid policy with host Colin Brazier and guest Ryan Henson
9 February 2022

Discursive statecraft: Responding to national positioning operations

James Rogers provides options for responding to ‘discursive statecraft’ in the form of national positioning operations
20 December 2021

Can sanctions dislodge Alexander Lukashenko?

Dr Alexander Lanoszka and James Rogers ask whether sanctions are sufficient to affect political change in Belarus
15 June 2022

Why Britain should continue to support Ukraine

Dr Alexander Lanoszka and James Rogers assess Russia’s military build-up near Ukraine. Why and how should Britain and its allies respond?
9 February 2022

Discursive statecraft: Preparing for national positioning operations

James Rogers explains why the United Kingdom should prepare for ‘discursive statecraft’ and national positioning operations
16 December 2021

The Integrated Review: Five key innovations

James Rogers assesses the Integrated Review. What are the five key innovations to underpin Global Britain’s international posture?
16 December 2021

Forever bound: Global Britain and the Wider Baltic

James Rogers and Viktorija Starych-Samuolienė assess the British Foreign Secretary’s visit to Tallinn in March 2021. What does it mean for Global Britain and the Wider Baltic?