Viktorija Starych-Samuolienė

Viktorija Starych-Samuolienė is Co-Founder and Director of Strategy at the Council on Geostrategy, where she is responsible for strategic development and external affairs of the organisation. She has recently served as a Member of a Board of a family company specialising in sustainable textiles. Previously, she worked as Strategic Relations Manager at the Henry Jackson Society and at the Lithuanian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan.

She holds an MA in Intelligence and International Security from King’s College, London, and a BA in Political Science from Vilnius University.

11 May 2022

E39: A British perspective on Georgia with Jonathan Djanogly MP

In Episode 39, Viktorija speaks to Jonathan Djanogly MP about Georgia, his recent visit, and how the country views Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
6 May 2022

E38: Deepening the British-Japanese relationship with Dr Shetler-Jones

In Episode 38, Viktorija speaks to Dr Shetler-Jones to discuss UK-Japan relations after Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's visit on the 3rd May
27 April 2022

E37: Global Britain and the Royal Navy with Professor Alessio Patalano

In Episode 37, Viktorija speaks to Professor Alessio Patalano about the role of the Royal Navy in the UK's Global Britain ambitions
15 April 2022

E36: A Ukrainian perspective on Russia’s war with Andriy Zagorodnyuk

In Episode 36, Viktorija speaks to Andriy Zagorodnyuk, former Ukrainian Defence Minister, to gain a Ukrainian perspective on how the war with Russia is progressing
8 April 2022

E35: Military Alliances in the 21st Century with Dr Alexander Lanoszka

In Episode 35, Viktorija speaks to Dr Alexander Lanoszka about his latest book on military alliances, how NATO has responded to the invasion of Ukraine and more
31 March 2022

E34: ‘Global Britain’ and the Black Sea region

In Episode 34, Viktorija speaks to the Earl of Oxford and Asquith, Counsellor at the British Embassy in Kyiv from 1992-1997, about our most recent policy paper on the Black Sea
23 March 2022

E33: The Balkans with Baroness Helić

In Episode 33, Viktorija speaks to Baroness Arminka Helic about the Balkan region, its past and its future amidst the conflict in Ukraine
16 March 2022

E32: Romanian perspectives on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

In Episode 32, Viktorija speaks to Iulian Chifu to explore the Romanian and Eastern European perspectives on the war in Ukraine and its consequences
9 March 2022

E31: Defence in a more competitive era with John Baron MP

In Episode 31, Viktorija speaks to John Baron MP about the need for increased defence spending amidst growing geostrategic competition around the world
11 March 2022

E30: War in Ukraine with the Rt Hon Tobias Ellwood MP

In Episode 30, Viktorija speaks to The Rt. Hon. Tobias Ellwood MP about the war in Ukraine and what it means for the security of Europe