Long Reads

16 December 2021

Ten myths about the British ‘tilt’ to the Indo-Pacific

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones debunks ten of the most popular myths circulating about the United Kingdom’s ‘tilt’ to the Indo-Pacific region. What are they?
20 December 2021

The Integrated Review and the defence of Europe

Dr Alexander Lanoszka analyses the Integrated Review’s approach to nuclear weapons and the defence of Europe. Does British nuclear policy make sense?
16 December 2021

China in the Integrated Review

Charles Parton analyses the Integrated Review’s approach towards China, which it describes as a ‘systemic competitor’. Are its prescriptions realistic?
16 December 2021

The Integrated Review: Five key innovations

James Rogers assesses the Integrated Review. What are the five key innovations to underpin Global Britain’s international posture?
14 December 2021

China and Russia: closing the maritime system?

Dr John Hemmings explains how China and Russia are trying to close the open maritime system. What could Britain and other democracies do to respond?
14 December 2021

A new type of Britain-Japan Alliance

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones assesses Britain’s ‘tilt’ towards the Indo-Pacific and new kind of alliance with Japan. Can both countries learn from the past?
14 December 2021

The new power equation: science

Daniel Korski assesses Britain’s weaknesses in terms of science power. How can British science, critical for the twenty-first century, be enhanced?
14 December 2021

Why HMS Queen Elizabeth should deploy to the Far East

Dr Alexander Clarke analyses recent criticism that HMS Queen Elizabeth’s maiden deployment is too risky and a waste of money. Are they right?
14 December 2021

Britain: A natural seapower

Prof. Andrew Lambert argues that Britain is a natural seapower. But what does Britain’s interaction with the sea mean for the country’s future?
14 December 2021

Britain’s place in India’s Indo-Pacific outlook

Dr Jagannath Panda reviews India’s growing relationship with Britain. What does this mean for Britain’s role in the Indo-Pacific?