Council on Geostrategy hosts a conference at Wilton Park

On 14th-15th October, the Council on Geostrategy was delighted to host a conference entitled ‘Enhancing “Global Britain” through naval diplomacy’ at Wilton Park – part of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s diplomatic programme.

The Council on Geostrategy was absolutely delighted to host its very first conference, in conjunction with Wilton Park, at historical Wiston House. In 2021, we witnessed the maidan operational deployment of HMS Queen Elizabeth and the Carrier Strike Group to the Indo-Pacific, the deployment of HMS Tamar and HMS Spey to Southeast Asia, and the establishment of closer relations with key Indo-Pacific allies and other important allies and partners in other regions. In this context, our conference focused on exploring the ways how we can extend “Global Britain” through naval diplomacy.  We were absolutely honoured to be joined by many key stakeholders, including Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, the First Sea Lord, Lt. Gen. Rob Magowan, Commandant General of the Royal Marines, The Rt. Hon Tobias Ellwood MP, Chairman of the Defence Select Committee at the House of Commons and Member of our Advisory Council, and R. Adm. Mike Utley, Commander, UK Strike Force, our Advisory Council members, and other important guests.

Viktorija Starych-Samuolienė, Director of Strategy, Council on Geostrategy

The conference drew together approximately 45 speakers and guests from Her Majesty’s Government, the Royal Navy and the expert community. The Council on Geostrategy would like to thank all speakers and guests, as well as the team at Wilton Park, for making the conference such a success!

Photo gallery

From left to right: Kata Escott (Director, National Security Council Secretariat), Viktorija Starych-Samuolienė (Director of Strategy, Council on Geostrategy), Adm. Sir Tony Radakin (First Sea Lord), James Rogers (Director of Research, Council on Geostrategy), Lt. Gen. Rob Magowan (Commandant General, Royal Marines) and Dr. Philip Shetler-Jones (James Cook Associate Fellow in Indo-Pacific Geopolitics, Council on Geostrategy)
From left to right: Viktorija Starych-Samuolienė, R. Adm. Mike Utley (Commander, UK Strike Command) and James Rogers
From left to right: Dr Sam Selvaduri (Deputy Director, Strategy Unit, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office), Mike Utley, James Rogers, Dr. Robert Johnson (Director, Changing Character of War Centre, University of Oxford) and Cdr. (rtd.) Tom Sharpe (Partner, Special Project Partners, Ltd.)
From left to right: Prof. John Hemmings (James Cook Associate Fellow in Indo-Pacific Geopolitics, Council on Geostrategy), Dr Capt. Kevin Rowlands (Director, Royal Navy Strategic Studies Centre), Viktorija Starych-Samuolienė, Prof. Andrew Lambert (Director, Laughton Naval Unit, King’s College, London) and Prof. Alessio Patalano (Professor in East Asian Security, King’s College, London)