James Rogers contributes to Foreign Policy Centre report

James Rogers, our Director of Research, has written an article for the Foreign Policy Centre titled ‘Countering Authoritarianism’ as part of a report titled ‘Global Britain for an Open World?’

In this article, he examines the slowing of democratisation around the world and its causes before going on to assess two models of authoritarianism as put forward by China and Russia. Finally, James looks at the response from liberal democracies and concludes that they must do more to counter these challenges.

Not only have the liberal democracies been slow to respond to the recent surge in authoritarianism, but they have also grown more timorous and insular in recent years. This combination makes them particularly vulnerable insofar as the CCP and Putin’s kleptocracy see themselves as locked into a period of sustained competition with liberal democracy.

James Rogers

You can read his article here.