ISDP releases AUKUS report with chapter from James Rogers

The AUKUS is a critical geopolitical development. It has complex chapters attached to it. Therefore, any assessment of the AUKUS has to be understood from a comprehensive perspective, going beyond just a security partnership.

In this new report from the Institute for Security and Development Policy looking at AUKUS, James Rogers authors a chapter titled ‘AUKUS: A Permanent Divide between Europe and the United Kingdom? You can read the report here.

In this chapter, James argues that there will be no permanent geopolitical schism between Britain and Europe in regards to security policy as a result of AUKUS. He describes the French response as a ‘storm in a teacup’, with ambassadors already returned to America and Australia.

So rather than dividing the UK from “Europe”, AUKUS should, by empowering Australia’s capacity in the Indo-Pacific, strengthen the ability of the UK and US to uphold security in the Euro-Atlantic space.

James Rogers

Earlier in October, James partook in a panel discussion on the topic of the report.