New Policy Paper on critical minerals

Although the UK is late […], it now has an opportunity to develop a knowledge base, network of experts, business and investors and a strategy which addresses the twin tracks of resilience and growth, argue William Young and Jack Richardson.

In this Policy Paper for the Council on Geostrategy, the authors explore the supply chains for critical minerals and outline why it is important for the British government to develop a national strategy in order to promote resilience and diversity.

You can read the report here.

We need fresh thinking if we are to meet these unprecedented challenges, which this report from the Council on Geostrategy delivers. It is a welcome contribution to the debate over how we secure our supply of these minerals for the Net Zero transition ahead of our Critical Minerals Strategy next year, where Her Majesty’s Government will be laying out how it will mitigate the risks to critical Net Zero supply chains.

Alexander Stafford MP

You can read the report here.