The Council on Geostrategy launches the ‘Strategic Advantage Cell’

On Thursday 23rd November, the Council on Geostrategy launched its ‘Strategic Advantage Cell’. This exciting new research project will look at how HM Government can induce specific areas of strategic advantage to help maximise the power it has to secure British national objectives as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The Strategic Advantage Cell’s first publication is a Primer entitled ‘What is strategic advantage?’ which seeks to refine what strategic advantage is, to consider how it can be used to secure national objectives, and why it is important to a country like the UK to allow it to ‘punch above its weight’ in international relations. 

Over the course of the next year, the new research project will produce an array of policy papers and articles to explain how the UK can strengthen its position by exploiting strategic advantage in relation to its competitors and rivals.

Read the first Primer from the Strategic Advantage Cell, ‘What is strategic advantage?’, here.

To find out more about the Strategic Advantage Cell, its research and its experts, click here.