6 August 2021

New Explainer on the Carrier Strike Group

In this Explainer, Dr. Bill Hayton examines the Carrier Strike Group's deployment to the South China Sea and the likely Chinese response
7 July 2021

Mark Galeotti joins as an Associate Fellow

Today the Council on Geostrategy is pleased to announce that we will be working with Dr. Mark Galeotti as he as a new Associate Fellow
6 August 2021

New Report on Chinese economic threats

In this new Report, Charles Parton OBE examines the data on China's economic threats and argues that their bark is worse than their bite
6 August 2021

New Explainer on the Chinese Communist Party at 100

In this new Explainer, Dr Holly Snape explains the history of the Chinese Communist Party and the lessons the world needs to learn about its future
6 August 2021

New primer on ‘discursive statecraft’ and positioning strategies

Britain needs to consider how to confront positioning efforts from rivals, says James Rogers
6 August 2021

New Policy Paper on ‘progressive’ anti-imperialism

A new Policy Paper looks at the threat posed by 'progressive' anti-imperialism to the United Kingdom
27 May 2021

Council on Geostrategy launches Environmental Security Programme

A new research programme is announced focused on environmental security
27 May 2021

G7 Trade Ministerial is chance for UK to lead on tackling carbon leakage

New paper argues that the UK must take a lead in tackling the problem of carbon leakage
13 May 2021

New explainer on the risks of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan

Invading Taiwan is a risk China cannot afford, says former top UK diplomat
26 August 2021

How Britain’s allies attempt to influence British policy revealed

A new research paper reveals how British allies ‘position’ the United Kingdom