The Council on Geostrategy publishes The Defence Pledge

On Tuesday 2nd April, the Council on Geostrategy published The Defence Pledge, part of a public campaign urging all political parties to invest more in the defence of the United Kingdom (UK).

Over two dozen Parliamentarians, Committee Chairs, former Defence Secretaries, and former leaders of the British Armed Forces, have joined together to sign the pledge created by the Council on Geostrategy, calling on all political parties to commit to increase defence spending to 2.5% of GDP in their manifestos, with a longer-term commitment to reaching 3% by 2030. 

The pledge, initiated in conjunction with Sir Michael Fallon, the former Defence Secretary, calls on Britain to increase its defence investment to protect British interests at home, within NATO, and further overseas as the UK faces the gravest threats since the end of the Cold War. This pledge and its signatories seek to address and deter these threats, warning that without committing to such investment, ‘British interests could suffer defeat’.

We therefore urge all political parties to commit in their manifestos this year to invest in real terms at least 2.5% of GDP on defence in each year of the next Parliament with a longer-term commitment to reach 3% by 2030. We also call on political candidates, whether standing or prospective, to pledge their support. Defending our way of life demands nothing less.

The Defence Pledge