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Long Reads

The Minsk Accords: Should Britain declare them dead?

Prof. Mark Galeotti argues that the time has come for the United Kingdom to declare that the Minsk Accords are dead

The case for a Britain-India-Japan ‘Trilateral’

Mahima Duggal explains why a new ‘trilateral’ between India, Japan and the United Kingdom makes geostrategic sense for the Indo-Pacific

India-United Kingdom relations: a ‘quantum leap’?

Dr David Scott looks at how British relations with India might evolve in the aftermath of the the Virtual Summit between the two countries

Integrated Review: Foreign perspectives

Four foreign experts discuss what the United Kingdom’s Integrated Review means for their respective countries and regions

What India brings to the G7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting

Dr Jagannath Panda discusses the importance of India’s presence at the G7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting

All talk, no action? The G7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting

Prof. Paul Cornish reviews the G7 Foreign Ministers’ first meeting under the presidency of the United Kingdom

Operation Fortis: The importance of sustainability

Tom Sharpe OBE assesses the sustainability of the Royal Navy’s presence in the Indo-Pacific region once Operation Fortis is complete

The genocide in Xinjiang cannot be overlooked

Matthew Henderson explains why the genocide committed by the Chinese Communist Party in Xinjiang cannot be overlooked

The Polar Regions in the Integrated Review

Prof. Klaus Dodds assesses the Integrated Review’s implications for the United Kingdom’s interests and presence in the Polar Regions

Why Britain should continue to support Ukraine

Dr Alexander Lanoszka and James Rogers assess Russia’s military build-up near Ukraine. Why and how should Britain and its allies respond?