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Long Reads

The geopolitical consequences of Afghanistan

James Rogers argues that Britain will remain beholden to America unless it is willing to redevelop its ability to lead new coalitions

Intelligence sharing to constrain Belarus’ KGB

Prof. Mark Galeotti discusses the advantages of sharing intelligence and experience with Eastern European nations

Carrier Strike Group 21 – Shaping the future?

Rear Admiral (rtd.) Dr Chris Parry examines the implications of the Carrier Strike Group for the future of British geostrategic naval power

The Euro-Atlantic or the Indo-Pacific: a false choice

Dr Philip Shetler-Jones argues that British military deployments to the Indo-Pacific region do not come at the expense of its role in the defence of Europe

The case for British-Indian naval cooperation

Archishman Goswami explains why enhanced naval cooperation between India and the United Kingdom will improve the security in the Indian Ocean region

Britain: Eastern Europe’s new guarantor?

Prof. Richard Whitman and James Rogers argue that the United Kingdom is increasingly important to Eastern Europe in the twenty-first century

Defending against discursive statecraft depends on trust

Prof. Mark Galeotti argues that successful discursive statecraft and narrative projection depend on trust

British counterterrorism: Combatting Daesh

Archishman Goswami argues that British counterterrorism operations will need to change to adapt to Daesh’s tactics

Success guaranteed for the EU-US Summit

Prof. Richard Whitman argues that differing interests will continue to scar relations between the European Union and United States

HMS Defender in the Black Sea: What to expect

Prof. Mark Galeotti looks at the way Russia will likely frame HMS Defender’s upcoming visit to the Black Sea