Policy Papers

3 December 2021

The Black Sea region: Beyond NATO

By Mark Galeotti, Alexander Lanoszka, James Rogers
25 November 2021

Critical minerals: Towards a British strategy

By William Young, Jack Richardson
28 October 2021

Enhancing British- Vietnamese relations in a more competitive era

By Bill Hayton, John Hemmings
21 June 2021

How ‘progressive’ anti-imperialism threatens the United Kingdom

By Nigel Biggar, Doug Stokes
18 June 2021

How allies ‘position’ the United Kingdom

By Philip Shetler-Jones
18 June 2021

How the Chinese Communist Party ‘positions’ the United Kingdom

By Matthew Henderson
11 June 2021

How Russia ‘positions’ the United Kingdom

By Andrew Foxall
29 June 2021

What the Chinese Communist Party wants from the United Kingdom

By Charles Parton
11 June 2021

A ‘Crowe Memorandum’ for the twenty-first century

By James Rogers, Alexander Lanoszka