Geoeconomics Programme

Internet neutrality: Options for Britain

Prof. John Hemmings analyses internet neutrality in a British context and options for the country as it rethinks its approach

The climate and migration: Implications for Britain

Jack Richardson and William Young explain how Britain can enhance its approach to both ‘climate-induced’ and ‘climate-provoked’ migration

China’s carbon-intensive rise: Addressing the tensions

William Young and Jack Richardson explain how the United Kingdom’s environmental policy towards the People’s Republic of China is becoming outmoded

Net Zero: The geostrategic rationale for ‘Global Britain’

Jack Richardson explains why the United Kingdom’s Net Zero agenda is essential for its geostrategic interests

Critical minerals: Towards a British strategy

William Young and Jack Richardson explain how the United Kingdom can enhance its resilience in relation to critical minerals – particularly rare earths

‘Green Britain’: A scientific superpower for a new era

William Young explains how the United Kingdom can become a scientific superpower by reestablishing the virtuous circle between state, economy and innovation

When climate and trade combine: British policy options

William Young provides options for the United Kingdom to help develop an effective international response to the issue of carbon leakage